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Forms - Printable


For your convenience we have put our forms together in an easy to use packet.  Once you start filling out the first form, the others will start to auto-populate. 

CLICK HERE to start your claim.

Description of Forms**:

Verification Form 
Is used to start the process. The information you provide is essential for us to provide you with a funding decision in a timely manner.

Irrevocable Assignment/Reassignment
The top portion should be completed by the beneficiary(s) assigning the benefits to you, the funeral home.  They bottom portion is completed by your authorized representative.  Please NOTE: all signatures need to be notarized.

Standard Life Insurance Claim Form/Authorization to Give Out Information 
Should be filled out completely and contain the beneficiary(s) signature(s) in TWO places. This will NOT replace any insurance company specific claim form.

Universal Affidavit for Lost Policy 
Most companies will require this form if, the original insurance policy has been destroyed or lost.  Some insurance companies may require their own form(s). 

Required on all claims. 

        Fax completed forms to:  817-732-4445

**other forms may be required by the Insurance Company responsible for reviewing and disbursing the benefits. 

Affidavit of the Funeral Director 

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